peak wood flooring

wood floor fitting services

At peak wood flooring we are happy to tackle flooring installations from floated laminates to nailed or glued down hardwood flooring. We offer a free, no obligation site survey and quotation service that comes with zero sales pressure. We will advise on the most appropriate flooring and installation type based on conditions at your home and your lifestyle requirements. See the sections below for further information on the installation methods we employ.

floated floors

Floated floor installations are suitable for laminate and any click system engineered floor. With this method the floor is laid on a specialist wood flooring underlay and is not fixed to the subfloor. We advise the use of quality underlays as this contributes greatly to the feel and acoustic properties of the finished floor. Floating floors can be laid up to existing skirting and a scotia beading used to cover the expansion gap, alternatively the skirting can be removed and reinstalled above the floating floor. We always recommend fitting new skirting as this produces an infinitely better finish.
floated floors

glued down floors

Glued down installations are suitable for all solid wood and T&G engineered wood flooring where the subfloor is concrete or sand/cement screed. It is imperative that the sub floor is sound and flat as poor quality sub floors can struggle to hold the bond to the wood flooring, eventually causing it to fail. It is also vital the sub floor has adequate damp protection either in the form of a modern DPM or by application of a suitable liquid DPM product. We always test the moisture content of solid sub floors prior to installation as moisture is the leading cause of problems with wood floors.
glued floors

nailed down floors

Nailed down installations are suitable for all solid and T&G engineered flooring over existing wooden floors (floorboards or flooring grade plywood). At secret nailer is used to deliver nails at 45 degrees into the tongue of the floor which is not visible on completion. We recommend the use of bitumen building paper over existing ground floor floorboards which acts as an effective moisture barrier. Nailed down floors have a very solid feel underfoot.
nailed floors

electric under floor heating

Electric under floor heating is a great option for rooms that struggle to stay warm, conservatories being a prime example. Heat mats can be laid under laminate and engineered wood floors and work via a simple, controllable thermostat. A specialist underlay is used in these applications which aids in heat insulation.
nailed floors